the world

The world of HU2 Noir is every bleak noir movie you’ve ever seen, only there’s hope because your characters have an edge. Whereas the hardboiled protagonists of Hammett and Chandler novels have their unwavering tenacity, you have a trick up your sleeve, friends in high places, or the ability to bend physics slightly.


In this world, the countries are larger than the the ones in our world and are more representative of a few modern cultures than actual translations of the countries/continents themselves.

  • The main story takes place in a North America analogue simply called Americus. Americus is one of the most developed countries, with many cities spread over its huge mass and just as many great fields of grain and majestic mountains. To the south is the beginning of the Amazonian desert. The main characters live in the west coast city of San de la Mer, a foggy town famous for thriving nightlife and corporate greed. Most of Americus’ technological advances have come out of San de la Mer. The city has a lighter side in the shape of the Shady Pines suburb, but even this bastion of normality has it’s dark secrets. The focal point of the downtown area is Booker Street, a long strip with a cornucopia of shops selling anything the heart desires.
  • Everything that would be Mexico and south of it is Amazonia, a continent primarily made up of dark jungles and rainforests, except for the northern Amazonian desert. There are very few cities in Amazonia, but many villages with strange tribal customs.
  • Europe is Europa, a country with ancient cities and ancient customs. Denizens of this country tend to be either aristocratic and well-educated or poverty stricken and streetwise. Eastern Europa has a more slavic, old world personality, embodied by the major capital city of Bukrow.
  • Representing the Asian countries is Orientis, a mixture of the cultures we know as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, etc. The politics of Orientis are vague, but the society reflects Japanese culture heavily with a successful blend of ancient traditions and modern technology.
  • The Middle East is represented by al-Watan al-ArabÄ«, more commonly known as Arabi. This is a huge desert nation filled with intrigue and mysticism. The denizens are even more polarized than the natives of Europa, with the majority of the wealth being controlled by a handful of royal families.
  • The African continent is the largest country, known as Attica. It is perhaps the oldest yet most underdeveloped country. It is made up of hundreds of thousands of nomadic tribes. They would be easy pickings for other more war-like nations if they didn’t appear to have a strange blood magic protecting them. Like Amazonia, the country’s northern area is a vast desert, and much of what comes below that is dark jungles and rainforests.


Technology of HU2 Noir is around late ’50s, with a few exceptions (mostly those borne of the player characters themselves). Computers exist, but they are mostly used by the military and they tend to be huge mechanical behemoths. There is only one laptop in the world and it is used exclusively by its inventor, a technological genius decades ahead of his time. There are a couple of cell phones, but they are essentially James Bond gadgets.
Cars are sort of generic versions of the models of the late ’50s, early ’60s. Other countries have their own vehicle lines, but only the richest individuals can afford to have them imported. Europan sports cars are especially sought after by collectors.

the world

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