A hard-boiled Europan P.I. who will take the job for free ... for the right person.


Super Sleuth with psionic option
Speed Reading
Sixth Sense


Hammett is a P.I. operating near the docks of San de la Mer. He is well-known in the city for taking cases for free and specializing in cases that are a little weird.
A tall, scruffy guy, Hammett is rarely seen without his trademark trench coat. He wears dark pants and ties. His black hair is usually untidy and his blue eyes are a little unsettling. For some reason, Hammett always seems to be wearing black gloves. He never removes them, even to eat.
Not much is known about this enigmatic investigator before he suddenly set up shop about two years ago.
His first step was purchasing a large building near the docks and converting the top floor into a loft. The ground floor contains the sleuth’s office. No one knows what’s on the second floor.
Hammett is quick with a wisecrack, and with a punch, but he takes particular pride in keeping his neighborhood free of drugs and dealers.
He has, in his short tenure, managed to make many enemies in that short time, including Mr. Alton King, CEO of Checkmate Industries. King has tried to discredit Hammett on numerous occasions, but the fact that the sleuth works for free and takes the cases of the hard-luck types means King has a long way to go to break down Hammett’s credibility.
Hyperion Industries CEO Mr. Sato, on the other hand, seems to have the utmost respect for Hammett, though Hammett seems to avoid the voluminous businessman like the plague.


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