Heroes Unlimited Noir

Eclipse Log E-1

Mission Debrief ~2 hours after extraction

Transcript Begins

EPSILON: Look, can we just get this over with? I’m tired. I haven’t had good sack time in like, a week.

VANCE:(condescendingly) You know protocol, Eps. We need to know how the mission went, we need all the pretty little details.

EPSILON: (scowling) I already told you the important parts. Found contact DOA, examined his house, retrieved log book, which you have sitting right-fucking-there.

VANCE: Have you ever met the contact before? On any other missions? Did his death bother you?

EPSILON:(boredly) No. No. No.

VANCE: (sighs) Same as ever, then. What happened next? Don’t leave any little bit out, it’s all very important.

EPSILON: (annoyed) Called back for further instructions, took a walk through the neighborhood, saw a guy keeled over in his own backyard. At the time didn’t think anything of it. Some kinda barbecue, him and his vapid wife and their kids. Ended up tracking the supposed assailant to the edge of the neighborhood. Some tent out in the middle of nothing, and a goddamn grown man in a bunny suit. So I went the other way.

VANCE: Well now. Quite a lot of interest there. Did you have a long conversation with his wife, then? While you stopped?

EPSILON: No. Didn’t stop to chat, I was working.

VANCE: How did you know she was- Nevermind. You said a man in a bunny outfit? Local news says he’s known as ‘Bunny Boy’

EPSILON: Wasn’t any boy. Full grown man, in a stupid costume. Quick as fuck, though. I could barely keep up. Strong, too. Didn’t find that out until later.

VANCE: Did his costume bother you?

EPSILON: What, you think I’m scared of rabbits? I’m just not interested in dealing with any more crazy people than my job demands, okay? Fuck, it’s not like I get paid to be curious.

VANCE: (archly) Quite. Go on.

EPSILON: Well, I confirmed the threat with you, figured that the guy who’d attacked the fella I’d helped up must’ve been this Plague guy. Which meant he was infected, and probably spreading it to his kids. The whole family. Went back to clean house, like you wanted. Found the wife first, in the kitchen. Finished her off, went into the living room. Dad musta been some kinda soldier, military training. Held on a while. Put him down, took the kids out to an ambulance that happened to roll up for some old guy dyin’ of plaguejuice, then went back and blew the house up. No trail, no evidence.

VANCE: But you didn’t kill the children? If the wife was infected, surely they were just as exposed?

EPSILON: (silent)


EPSILON: (silence continues)

VANCE: …Lionel?

EPSILON: I don’t kill kids. End of discussion.

VANCE: (writing on a notepad) …Quite. We fully approved of your measures to ensure the proprietary technology that the escapee was so wantonly spreading wasn’t allowed to fall into the wrong hands. Sacrifices must be made. And, for your knowledge, the children weren’t infected, at all. We got their medical records pulled after the fact. It appears direct contact with Plague himself is the main vector for the spread. It’s likely the wife wasn’t infected either.

EPSILON: (shrugs, coldly) I thought you should know. That guy. The one who did the containment work. He got samples. Of Plague. Blood and shit. I was tracking him, before you called me back in. He might have the know how to reproduce that shit and sell it, or know who could. I figured you’d want me protecting your bottom line. The guy is named… Charlie something.

VANCE: (silent, staring at the notepad) ..Await further instructions, Eclipse Epsilon. Someone else will continue this debriefing. I have an appointment. A pleasure, as always.

End of Transcript


Nicely done, Mav. I’ll have an XP total for you either before or at the next game.

Eclipse Log E-1

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