Femme fatales, masks and smoking guns

Welcome to HU2 Noir. Here your characters live in a perpetually dark world of intrigue and betrayal, even in the daytime. Your character must be one of a select list of power categories. Look over the list and decide what appeals most to you. Discuss your choice with the other players because having two characters from the same power category can result in two near-identical characters.

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In the world you’ll be playing in, your character is unique. If you’ve been fighting crime (especially with some sort of super power), chances are you’ve gathered some sort of media attention. If your character works in the shadows, it’s a constant struggle to stay out of the public eye. Given your characters’ proclivities, there is a good chance you know of each other even if you’ve never met (with some exceptions).

If you want to know more about the villains, check out the rogues gallery.
I will have generic character sheets, but if you want a custom sheet that is built for your power category, you can print one here.

If you are looking for inspiration, Dark City is pretty much the perfect representation of what I’m going for. If you are watching it for the first time, either make sure you get the Director’s Cut or fast forward through the beginning until you see an actor appear on screen. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

I also highly recommend the following movies and TV series:
Mulholland Falls
The Black Dahlia
Big Bang
LA Confidential
Batman the Animated Series
Charlie Jade

And of course anything from the classic noir period, including:
The Maltese Falcon
The Thin Man
The Big Sleep
Kiss Me Deadly
Kiss of Death
Strangers on a Train

Heroes Unlimited Noir

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