rogues gallery

Mr. Chiang

Mr. Chiang is a mysterious transplant from Orientis. He appears to be in his 50s. He seems to be quite serene about all happenings, showing only the barest indication of surprise when Bunnyboy suddenly dropped next to him, seemingly out of the sky.
Though there is no proof, all indications are that Mr. Chiang is trying to start a protection racket on Booker Street. He doesn’t admit to anything, however, and never acts to prevent anyone from foiling his alleged plans. One thing is for sure: he offers everyone tea.
There is a rumor in Orientis Town that he is a powerbroker of sorts, bestowing “magical gifts” upon those who pay him a tidy sum.
When he faced off against the ragtag group of heroes protecting Booker Street, he never admitted to causing any of the carnage they were caught up in. However, all his minions save three disappeared after the battle was over, even the dead ones.
Anyone with a strategic mind might say that Mr. Chaing was gauging the group’s abilities.
If the group’s eyes are to be believed, Mr. Chiang seems to have a mysterious ability to conjur a medieval knight to battle for him. He is also apt at disappearing, it seems.

Mr. Plague

Plague was just another homeless guy who was picked up off the street and experimented on by a secret supersoldier project. The experiment was initially thought to be a failure, but Plague soon showed promise as a living biological weapon.
Unfortunately, Plague was too unstable and attacked people wantonly, until he escaped. He went back to living on the street, keeping off of the company’s radar for a couple of years. This ended, however, when a dilligent agent tracked down Plague’s daughter and had her feature in a newspaper article. The agent staked out the neighborhood until Plague showed up.
Plague didn’t disappoint, and the agent called his company to bring in a containment specialist. Unfortunately, the agent got caught tailing the daughter by Plague, who brutally murdered him.
When a company man came to clean up the mess, the outcome was not in Plague’s favor. Before he could abscond with his daughter and infect (kill) everyone in the neighborhood to cover up the crime, Plague took a bullet to the brainpan and his body was dissolved to a useless goo.


Knight showed up during the aftermath of the Case of Mr. Plague. He hasn’t revealed much about himself, but he has a team of “pawns” and seems to know who Eclipse Epsilon is, at least by sight if not by reputation.

Anastasia Dragonov

The group has ben able to determine that Anastasia is A) the Europan ambassador to Americus and B) a vampire. She is tall, beautiful, glamorous and always impeccably dressed. She is always accompanied by for men who are not well-dressed. They seem to prefer garb that would be more appropriate for the Eastern Europan countryside.
Anastasia has shown a special interest in the Fox, despite not yet having met him, and also has an interest in Bunny Boy after nearly being accosted by him.
She has not shown many special abilities yet, but Nina has established that she is a high-level psionic and it seems obvious that she has the power to hypnotize people.


Bruno is the 7 ft henchman of an as-yet-unnamed loan shark. The gigantic bruiser seems to be a native of Northeast Americus and was first encountered by Nina and Troy when Bruno was attempting to extort payment out of hapless gambling addict Frank Planter.
When threatened with Troy’s automag, Bruno backed off but threatened Troy, noting that he would remember the well-armed hobo.
Bruno, either showing ingenuity or under the direction of his employer, tried to throw a wrench into Frank’s plan to get enough money to repay his debt by trying to turn Bunny Boy loose on the group during the attempt to steal Anastasia Dragonov’s Europan gold. It is not clear why Bruno or his employer would want to make repaying the debt more difficult for Frank.

Frank Planter

Frank is a bad gambler and career criminal who attempted to hire Mitchel to steal a trunk of gold from the Europan ambassador. He also hired Troy as the muscle for the heist, and took a shine to Nina after she helped protect him from Bruno.
It is obvious that Frank has only gotten as far as he has in life (i.e., not very) through constant manipulation. Nina attempted to teach him a lesson after he manipulated the mentally slow Bunny Boy, but it probably didn’t stick.
After the heist of Dragonov’s money turned out to be a setup, Frank got his just desserts when the unfailingly honest BB got his description mixed up with that of Mitchel when the police asked him who broke into the ambassador’s room. Frank is now sitting in jail awaiting trial for breaking and entering and tresspassing. Truly, his incarceration may be the only thing keeping him alive.

rogues gallery

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