Eclipse Epsilon

Corporate Wetworks Engineer for Hyperion Energy


Experimental Super Soldier
Minor Super Power: Healing Factor
Mind and Body Attuned
Physical Speed Enhanced


Born Lionel H. Solus, Eclipse Epsilon came from a poor family. Barely enough money to keep him fed and clothed as he went through school, no hope of college at all, and the expectation that he’d be gone, as soon as he turned 18. He was in a number of gangs, as a younger man, and didn’t tend to get along with his alcoholic father or his abusive mother.

At 18, he found an ad online, offering steady, well-paying work for those who were willing to move, sign a number of fancy documents proclaiming agreement to never speak about what they saw, and participate in medical research aimed at developing new therapies with radiation. It sounded a hell of a lot better than some fast food job that paid just enough for him to survive.

Hyperion Energy didn’t just want him for tests. Once he’d applied, passed their physical tests, and signed the paperwork, they explained they were working on experimental procedures to enhance the resilience, strength and speed of the human body, trying to perfect it’s potential. He and a dozen others were given a variety of treatments and tests, training and experimentation. Of those twelve, Lionel was the only one who survived without ill effects, and the only one who actually responded positively to his regimen of radioactive treatments.

Separated from the other eleven, he began to undergo a more focused regimen, skills, tactics, proficiencies, and physical training all growing more and more rigorous.

Within two years from the time he started at Hyperion, Lionel was a changed man. He’d grown muscular and lean, and his mind was focused on the opportunities that lay ahead.

Originally, he and as many of the others that could be enhanced were supposed to make up one of the ‘Eclipse’ teams, covert operations groups used for corporate espionage and.. other things. But as he was the only one (that he was aware of), he was designated Eclipse Epsilon, and given access to equipment, before being granted a number of missions.

To date, he hasn’t failed a mission yet. Though his superiors do question whether all of his objectives need to be achieved with so much bloodshed.

Eclipse Epsilon

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