Charlie Hammer

Analytical Genius tinkerer and gadget guru


Charlie is a clean cut guy, especially for a mad scientist. He is tall and thin, and wears comfortable clothing that is equally utilitarian in the lab or out in the field.
So far, he has demonstrated that he has armor leagues beyond anything any military has and also created a bespoke jet pack for the magician/vigilante/acquisitions expert known as the Fox, the latter device for no other reason than to see if he could make one.


Charlie Hammer is an analytical genius who is oblivious to the rest of the world because he’d rather be tinkering with a new invention (or field testing it) than anything else. Indeed, his only interactions with the more shady characters of San de la Mer have come from such field tests of his armor and weaponry (or his favorite invention thus far: “the lap borne computing device (LBCD).”
Formerly sponsored by the Americus Army, Charlie has branched out on his own to better explore his ideas without military interference. He still puts together the odd contraption for the men in the capital (for example, the containment device during the Shady Pines plague outbreak), but mostly he keeps to himself.
As brilliant as the R&D minds in Hyperion’s TitanWerks and Checkmate’s Deep Blue are, they recognize that Charlie is a cut above and if either were ever to employ him, the other would be left in the dust technologically. This the two entities constantly battle for Charlie’s attention, but so far neither has offered him anything beyond money.

Charlie Hammer

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