Heroes Unlimited Noir

The Battle of Booker Street

Nina the gypsy fortune teller was accosted at her store by three Oriental men in black suits. They not so subtly tried to get protection money out of her, but she used her telekinesis and evil eye powers to send them packing.
At the same time, homeless vet Alex Troy was approached by another of these men, who tried to move home along in the name of cleaning up the street. Troy hit the guy with a warning punch, but the Oriental man did not retreat. Troy then lost his temper and beat the man to death. When Troy emerged from the alleyway he had made his home, he found that many of these Oriental men were trying to extort protection money from the street’s businesses.
At that time, Bunnyboy came hopping along. The Oriental men were not familiar with his reputation, so they decided to take him on in straight melee combat, which resulted in many of them being rendered unconscious, paralyzed or killed.
The Fox, finishing up his popular stage act as Felix Faustus, saw his audience grow by four as the Oriental men entered. When Faustus saw the reaction of the house manager, he knew these guys were bad news. Faustus voluntold the men to assist him with his final trick, in which he bound and chained one of their number and surrounded the other three in a circle of flame as Faustus himself made a subtle exit (much to the appreciation of his public).
Meeting Faustus out back, the stage manager told him that the men were working for a man known only as Mr. Chiang. Chiang’s usual territory was Orientus Town, but the manager suspected he was trying to expand his territory. Faustus decided to go investigate.
Faustus happened upon the raging debacle as Bunnyboy handily defeated his attackers and began returning extorted money to the shopowners. Mr. Chiang surveyed the carnage wrought by Bunnyboy and Nina (whose fight had spilled onto the street) and took it in with calm interest. He also offered everyone tea … multiple times.
Chiang retired to his dilapidated shop, dragging the raving minion who Nina had blinded with the Evil Eye. At that point, a knight in full armor showed up. The group of gathered heroes and freaks made short work of the knight, who turned out to be an empty suit of animated armor. Nina spied Mr. Chiang making puppetmaster motions at the knight, leading her and the others to believe he conjured it, but the knight seemed to be able to act independent of Chiang’s influence.
The group investigated Chiang’s broken down store, but found only three survivors of Bunnyboy’s wrath, high on opium, and the carcass of the blinded minion, dead with acupuncture needles sticking out of him.
When the group left, a sinister neon sign flickered “Mr. Chiang’s” before quickly winking out again.



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