Heroes Unlimited Noir

The Case of Mr. Plague

On an unusually sunny day in the picturesque suburb of Shady Pines, a tall nondescript man walked down the sidewalk as people barbecued, mowed, and generally lived a life of blissful obliviousness.
A police officer approached the man, Eclipse Epsilon to his superiors, and asked (indirectly) if EE was a transient. After establishing that EE was there to speak with a resident of Shady Pines named Gary Henshaw, the cop left him alone, coughing as he drove away.
After meeting a lovely lass by the community pool, EE found his contact dead in the community “gym” facedown in a pool of his own blood.
Meanwhile, Bunnyboy was just getting stuck in to his second helping of his mom’s griddle cakes when he heard a scream eminating from a neighbor’s house. Bunnyboy and EE (who had also heard the scream) arrived on the scene almost the same time. A young boy sent BB on a chase down an alleyway after an unknown assailant. EE stayed to help the patriarch of this nuclear family up and gathered that a man had attacked and scratched him, but the father was otherwise unharmed. EE set off in lukewarm pursuit of BB.
BB was the first to encounter the hobo outside the the edge of town. The hobo was quite antisocial, even injuring a rabbit BB sent into Plague’s tent to gather intel. BB and EE left the hobo and continued their separate pursuits (neither having any reason to suspect the hobo was who they were looking for).
EE visited Henshaw’s house, but found little to help figure out what he was in suburbia for. EE contacted his superiors who informed him he was there to track down Mr. Plague, an escaped supersoldier/biological warfare agent who could spread his disease miles in scant days if left unchecked. EE was instructed to contain Plague and anyone he infected by any means necessary. Suspecting that the tent outside of town might be a good place to start his search, EE returned to the canvas dome to find it was now empty.
Over on Booker Street, Nina received a phone call from her Grandma Meg in Ireland. Meg had a prophetic dream in which many people in a suburban neighborhood would die, including the bunny-suited man who had stood by her side during Mr. Chaing’s attempted takeover. After hanging up with her grandma, Nina was visited by a very sickly police officer. She whipped up a homeopathic remedy for him, but wasn’t sure she had gotten the quantities right on her herbal ingredients. She decided to study the symptoms and cross reference some ancient tomes passed down the generations of her family.
BB was still searching for the assailant who scratched the barbecuing father of two when he heard someone else cry out. This time it was an elderly man who appeared to be having a heart attack. BB called an ambulance.
EE began tracking the errant supersoldier Plague, stopping briefly to “sanction” the father and mother who seemed to have become infected earlier. The children, who did not seem to be infected, EE rendered unconcsious and left them with two paramedics who arrived to help the man BB had seen having a heart attack. After stabilizing the heart attack patient, the attending paramedics recognized from physical markers that the man’s heart attack was brought on by some sort of poison or sickness. They called in the CDC to investigate. No sooner had they placed the call and tried to get the kids and old man into the ambulance when a homemade time bomb, which EE had set up to cover his sanctions, detonated.
EE went to the community center, again on the hunt for Plague. When the two tussled, Plague broke through a window and snatched the young swimmer, who recognized him as her missing father. Plague snatched the girl up and made his way down the street. By this time, the emergency services, the CDC and military had arrived. EE took on Plague after BB snatched the girl away and hopped her to safety.
Plague and EE decided to end it and threw down. Just as it seemed EE would succumb to Plague’s viral attacks, a well-placed shot from EE’s pistol ended Plague’s threat. EE allowed himself to be arrested, then he and everyone present was quarantined in the sports field outside the community center. Charlie arrived with his containment device and the denizens of Shady Pines were sealed away for a few hours, giving EE time to recuperate.
Later, Nina arrived with her cure and EE was chosen as the test subject. Though his healing factor actually made EE a poor choice, Nina’s concoction seemed to do the trick. During his guinea pig moment, EE noticed some private military contractors lurking about dressed in navy blue fatigues and white helmets. Most if them had stylized pawns on their shoulder badges, but one had a knight, and even identified himself as Knight. Knight, who made it abundently clear that he recognized EE, tried to pressure the General into allowing his organization to take Plague’s body so they could “investigate and track the responsible party.” The General refused, saying the Army would conduct its own investigation. Later that night, EE was able to destroy Plague’s body through judicious application of caustic chemicals, but not before Charlie obtained blood samples.
The town was quarantined for a further week to ensure Nina’s serum had worked, and EE was able to slip out the moment the quarantine was lifted. Hyperion representatives were waiting outside the whole time, and they quickly spirited EE away to hide him behind a wall of red tape. EE, having seen Charlie take samples, began hunting for the mysterious genius. His leads have led him to Booker Street, where Charlie and a group of vigilantes are rumored to have stopped an agressive racketeering enterprise from setting up there.
Meanwhile, a bunny with red eyes limps around the fields between Shady Pines and San de la Mer.



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